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Biggies Burger launches India’s largest burger café in Bengaluru

Biggies Burger Gourmet , Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

Be it for late lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon or as a munch-on while binge-watching your favourite series, burgers are clearly the quickest and tastiest fix for every sudden hunger pang. It’s only natural that a buzzing metropolis like Bengaluru would have new burger places springing up every week. However, these places have not only stopped at launching new outlets – they have also kept on experimenting and innovating to keep up with the ever-evolving taste buds of the millennials. Adding to the legacy, India’s oldest and largest burger QSR chain Biggies Burger has recently launched its gourmet burger café in Kalyan Nagar, which also happens to be the biggest burger café in the country.

Hungry and curious, we paid a visit to the café on a Sunday afternoon. As we entered the store, what caught our attention was its yellow and wooden colour scheme, which gave it a quirky-yet-inviting feel. The wooden panelled floors lined with house plants added to the earthy tone. The glass ceiling worked well for Bengaluru’s weather; the overall design ensured efficient utilisation of space.

Sparkling Mango

Very cheesy While there, we sampled some of the items from their menu, some of which were new. To beat the scorching heat, we started with Sparkling Mango, which was a thick sweet-and-salty drink. Heavy on mango pulp, it made for the perfect summer refreshment. We then dived into the burger section, having Cheese Dunk Burger, British Raj Burger, and Cajun Tenders. The Cheese Dunk Burger — a chicken burger cut into halves and dunked in molten cheese — with its thick filling and a generous amount of cheese — was an extravaganza.

However, if you have low salt tolerance and do not want to have something so heavy, we would recommend you to try the British Raj Burger. The smoky notes of the grilled chicken, creamy cheese, tangy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, and savoury onion rings made it a flavourful treat. Cajun Tenders, with the side of a mayo dip, were on point.

Caramel Skillet Cookie

Sweet End We finished off our meal with the Skillet Cookie, which was a caramel cookie topped with an enormous dollop of vanilla ice cream. The hot and sticky cookie was complemented well by the cool and creamy ice cream and was so much in proportion that one seemed enough for two people.

This place is worth a visit all in all and makes for a good hangout zone, whether you catch up with old friends or take your family out on a weekend treat. At Kalyan Nagar.

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Good quality of burgers

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