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Bigg Coin

How does BIGG POINTS work?

Biggies Burger BIGG POINTS loyalty program is designed to offer Cashback
or Credits to customers based on their purchases. Here are the details of the program:

Earning Credits

Customers can earn credits with every billing transaction. For every Rs 100 spent, they receive 10 credits. 

Program Validity

The credits earned through the BIGG POINTS Loyalty program are valid for a duration of 60 days from the date of earning.

Minimum Bill for Redemption

To redeem the earned credits, customers must have a minimum bill amount of Rs 199.

Reward Per Transaction

The loyalty program allows a maximum of 10% of the bill amount to be awarded as credits in a single transaction.

Minimum Credit to Redeem

Customers must have a minimum balance of 1 credit to be eligible for credit redemption.

Maximum Redemption Limit

The loyalty program allows customers to redeem up to 30% of the bill amount as credits.

Redemption Ratio

The redemption ratio of the BIGG POINTS Loyalty program is 1 Credit equals 1 Rupee. For example, if you have 100 credits, it means you have 100 rupees in your wallet.

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